Rising insecurity: Oyo federal lawmaker, Olajide optimistic on state police

Part speaking to Ibadan North West/South in the House of Agents, Hon. Stanley Olajide has communicated good faith that creation of state police would fathom challenges over the country.


He said the spate of security challenges over time has displayed the require for creation of state police, guaranteeing that the upper and lower administrative Chambers would pass the law as portion of exertion to handle uncertainty in Nigeria.


Olajide, who is the House of Agents Committee Chairman on IT, talking at a press conference in Abuja, Wednesday, famous that policing at the community level would be conceivable when state police has been statutorily created.


According to him, “Nigeria cannot proceed to acknowledge assaults all over the put. Legislators are going to revive the case of state policing which has produced wrangles about in the open space in the past.


“Definitely, we’re going to choose this up and it’s going to be in the front burner of the exercises of the House as before long as we reconvene as a House.”

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