Constrain Master legitimizes transformation of 50 ‘repented criminals’ to constabularies in Kano

The Constrain Open Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi has clarified that the thought of changing over almost 50 solidified offenders to police constabularies in Kano State was an activity beneath the Community Policing conspire of the state government.


TRENDBAZE reviews that there were reports that the apologized offenders were changed over to police constables but Adejobi in a post on his official X handle said they were or maybe changed over to constabularies.


According to him, the activity taken after the idiosyncrasy of the Kano State security circumstance, pushing that it was not a terrible idea.


The post peruses, “They were changed over to Police Constabularies, not constables. The 2 words are not the same. It’s the Kano State government’s activity and extend beneath the Community Policing scheme.


“In my conclusion, it’s not a awful thought that the government changed over them to valuable security agents.


“If you know much approximately Kano, you would get it the thought of the government in this respect. So, think about Kano State, and be informed”.

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